Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Goggle Review/TNT/Caffeine


A friend of mine gave me 3 pairs of goggles to try out and that just about made my day. I've only checked out two pairs so far, but here is my brief review:

The first pair I tried were called Hydra Vision from Blue Seventy. Long story short - these suckers ripped at my hair (yes, it was pulled back and not down like the pics) and felt way too big for my face. I didn't even try putting my head under water because they were just awkward. Plus, they look awfully silly, huh?

The second pair I tried were the Tyr Orions. Um, heck yes!!!!! I LOVE these goggles! They initially felt like they might be too close together over the nose, but fit comfortably and I felt like I had nothing over my eyes when my head was under water. It is such a clean view with these babies!!! And I like the fact that I look like a speed racer in these babies.

I have a swim tomorrow, so if I can tear myself away from the Orion's long enough, I will try out the third pair. And maybe some day you can get a non-goofy goggle inspired picture of me.


I was asked the other day if I would like to be a captain for the Team in Training Savannah Rock n Roll marathon in November!! After talking it over with the S.O. I said heck yes I would!! I have a really awesome coach I get to work with and I was already stoked about the Savannah RnR. I'm really looking forward to another season with the team raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and encouraging people to cross their first (or another) finish line. Can't wait!! Training starts in May!


Lastly, I unintentionally figured out one of my triggers for vertigo today. I have recently seriously increased my coffee intake and looking back, realized that with that increase, my anxiety has increased and so has the frequency of dizzy spells. Of course, that didn't cross my mind until earlier this afternoon.
Last week I had a random thought to switch back to decaf and bring in my own coffee each morning - an action I do every couple months or so. Last Wednesday was tough but already by Thursday I'd gotten over the caffeine withdrawals and was digging my clear head. Then today I grew a wild hair, went for a small cup of regular coffee in the afternoon, and about 20 minutes later was fighting off a serious bought of dizziness.
So, it's looking like this chick is now super sensitive to caffeine, which lets be honest, really sucks, but I'm digging my decaf dunkin donuts coffee made at home with some good stevia sweetener and french vanilla creamer.

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  1. I wear an Aquasphere goggle and I love them! I wish you the best in your search for goggles.

    Sorry to hear about your caffeine problem. I have been caffeine free for years because of a sensitive stomach. It can be done!