Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lent and Knitting

This year will be the very first year I participate in Lent. More because I never knew about it from a Christian standpoint and less because I didn't want to. So, for my very first Lent, I will no longer be eating after 9pm and I will not be weighing myself.
I typically eat after 9pm for no other reason than being bored, depressed, stressed, happy, or because I simply breathe. And I rarely make good choices. So through Lent, I will plan on going to the Word when I want to eat for emotional reasons and to water for everything else.
Weighing myself will be harder than anything and a real test of faith. I completely understand that not many others will understand that - but for me, this will really be a test. The S.O. was way behind this one and even took it a step further by hiding the scale. Yeah. It's that bad in this house.

And guess who can be domestic?! I can! My mother was in town this week for a training and took some time to show me knitting basics. I wanted to knit a hat my the S.O.'s mother as she is going through chemo, but I think I need to just finish a scarf first. It's an interesting process and I feel like I don't nearly enough focus, but I think it will be good for the soul. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

I even flaunted my wanna-be domestic skills at Starbucks this morning. And I'd like to give a side note that I would absolutely choose an independent coffee shop over the Bucks if there were one close to home. But I still love me some good old skinny vanilla lattes.

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  1. You go girl! You will do great through Lent. I love the knitting. Someday you will need to show me how!